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Who’s Shane and what makes him tick?

Meet Shane – Founder & owner of The Regional Wanderer

Travel isn’t a job for me, it’s a love, a passion.

For me, it’s about immersing yourself into someone else’s backyard, learning about their life, what they do, what makes them tick.

People that have travelled know how to travel, right?

Well yeah. I’m one of those lucky buggers that’s visited so many corners of the globe, and whenever I’ve travelled, it’s always been my thing to mix it up and give different experiences a go. It’s all in the name of getting out there, exploring and immersing myself into something new. Seeking out experiences that will stay with you – experiences that make you, well…you!

And the best experience was…..?

Well that’s a hard question because I haven’t been everywhere yet…..but I’m trying! I’ve taken overnight trains through Russia, stayed with a local jungle tribe in Malaysia, and had dinner under the stars in a Bedouin camp in North Africa. I’ve zip lined through the rainforest in Jamaica, experienced the tranquillity of sunrise over Angkor Wat and paddled a row boat under the midnight sun in the pristine landscapes of the Finnish Lakelands.

I’ve toured McLaren Vale and Margaret River, ran tours to the Hunter Valley, sky dived from the heights over the Yarra Valley, scuba dived the depths of Port Phillip Bay, walked the rim of Kings Canyon and toured the Grand Canyon from the air. I’ve guided tours to Perisher Blue in the Australian Alps and rafted the white waters beneath the Austrian Alps.

I’ve danced in the streets at a traditional Maltese festa in my dad’s home village, visited Santa in the Arctic Circle, kicked back on sunset sails of the Whitsundays and Waikiki, gone for a morning float on Ha Long Bay and kayaked the Coorong, where the Murray River meets the Great Australian Bight.

I’ve eaten escargot along the Champs-Elysees, tapas on Las Ramblas, tarantulas near Lake Tonle Sap, had a pint at Punch and Judy’s in Covent Garden and drank Kopi luwak in Indonesia (it’s the world’s most expensive coffee that’s digested by a civet cat!).

I’ve done the long hard search for some monster in Loch Ness, danced a jig with the locals in Killkenny, arm wrestled a Russian in a bar in Veliky Novgorod and konked out on a longboat on the Mekong.

I’ve strolled ‘The Strip’ in Vegas, under the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, across the St Charles Bridge in Prague, walked the ruins of Pompei, manoeuvred the pebbly beaches of the French Riviera and strutted my stuff along Venice Beach in Miami. I’ve sat atop the Devil’s Marbles in the centre of the Northern Territory, hovered over Manhattan in a chopper and crossed the border from Finland to Sweden, just to go to IKEA.

I’ve been stung by jellyfish in 3 completely different sections of the Mediterranean, sailed in the Caribbean, swam in the Persian Gulf and have snorkelled over the edge of the continental shelf on the Great Barrier Reef.

And the list goes on….

So what’s been the best?

Who knows….who cares….

You know what though?

It’s all been amazing, it’s made me, well….me, and the best thing is that’s there’s so much more…..

So why say all of this?

Fair question!

Well, yes, I love to travel. No huge surprise there eh?! But even after having all of these amazing experiences…..

…..there’s still no place like home!

And I’ve got an outstanding one. It’s where I chose to live and I have to show it to you. So are you ready?

Remember, people that have travelled know how to travel, they know how to experience!

And I’ve consolidated my travel with a degree in tourism and have worked in various sectors of the industry in roles from sales and marketing, to tour development, operations, industry development and general management in Europe and Australia since 1998.

I love what I do and I look forward to welcoming you aboard The Regional Wanderer!

You only live once……Get out and explore.